MyWheels new market leader in the Dutch car sharing market

The provider strengthens its position thanks to the acquisition of ConnectCar Sharecar platform MyWheels announced that it is the new market leader in the Dutch car sharing market through an acquisition. In 2021 the number of MyWheels cars grew from 750 to 2250, more than half of which are electric. The impact-driven scale-up thus took the top position in terms of the number of publicly accessible shared cars.

New mobility hubs with shared transport opened

The municipality of Amsterdam has opened two new mobility hubs in collaboration with Hely and ParkBee. In a mobility hub, residents and visitors of Amsterdam can reserve and use various electric vehicles. Because public space in Amsterdam is scarce, these hubs will be placed on existing parking lots at the Student Hotel in Oost .

Mobility hub, promising but complex according to KiM

The Knowledge Institute for Mobility Policy (KiM) provides knowledge for the mobility policy of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW). The knowledge institute conducts its own research and collects knowledge developed elsewhere. Mobility hubs are physical links between transport modalities, which, in addition to their mobility function, can also serve as concentration points for spatial development. They can contribute to