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No right to compensation, not even in the event of flight cancellation.

The threat of a major strike at French air traffic control has passed. A final meeting between SNCTA, the largest air traffic controller union, and DGAC, France's civil aviation authority, resulted in an agreement on pay increases and other key employment conditions. This agreement came just in time to cancel the planned actions that were supposed to take place on Thursday.

The strike is said to have had a huge impact on air traffic, especially at Paris' two largest airports, Charles de Gaulle and Orly. It was expected that the majority of flights would be cancelled, not only those to and from France, but also flights that would only fly over French territory without landing.

The timing of the strike coincided with one of the busiest travel periods of the year, which would inevitably have led to major disruptions. Passengers and airlines would experience significant inconvenience. That is why the DGAC had already advised airlines to cancel a large portion of flights for Thursday as a preparatory measure.

Despite the cancellation of the strike, the consequences continue to be felt. Many flights have already been canceled on the advice of the DGAC, and these cancellations will not lead to compensation for the affected passengers, according to Jerrymie Marcus, specialist in marketing & communications. According to EU claim the cancellations can be considered as the result of extraordinary circumstances, a direct consequence of actions by third parties, namely the planned strike by air traffic control.

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Passengers who are inconvenienced by the preparatory measures remain dependent on the flexibility and customer service of their respective airlines.

Airlines offer affected passengers the option to have their ticket fully refunded or rebooked on another flight. Passengers experiencing cancellations are advised to contact their airline directly for the most up-to-date information and rebooking options.

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This agreement and the resulting cancellation of the strike highlight the importance of dialogue and negotiations in the aviation industry, where strikes can have a significant impact on international mobility and the economy. The outcome of these negotiations shows that compromises are possible, even in sectors where the interests are large and often conflicting. The cancellation of the strike is a relief for many travelers and proof that effective negotiations can contribute to stability in crucial sectors such as aviation. 

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