The municipality of Amsterdam is investigating the possibilities for drone hubs, places in the city where drones can take off and land. The unmanned equipment can, for example, monitor visitor flows or be used as a means of transport during organ transplantation. 

To this end, the municipality is working with the RAI Amsterdam and Johan Cruijff Arena, says Niobe Moen of, the online platform for local government..

Parties such as Waternet and the municipal transport company GVB are also sitting at the table. After the summer, they start exploring 'opportunities and possibilities that the drone technology offers for the city, residents and business'. The project Urban Air Mobility Demonstrator is a European initiative to explore innovations with drone technology, to contribute to a sustainable, safer and more accessible city.


With the project, Amsterdam wants to discover how you as a city can deal with air transportation. As far as the municipality is concerned, this is not yet about passenger transport, but about the transport of parcels and supervision. Exercise is important, according to Ger Baron, CTO of the Municipality of Amsterdam. How does the charging work? How do you use drones as effectively as possible? Do the fire brigade and police both need a drone or can they be used multifunctionally? Amsterdam will probably be one of the first cities where this will play, so we like to be at the front. '

Pitane Blue
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