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Provider strengthens position thanks to acquisition of ConnectCar

Sharing car platform MyWheels announced that it is the new market leader in the Dutch car sharing market through an acquisition. In 2021 the number of MyWheels cars grew from 750 to 2250, more than half of which are electric. The impact-driven scale-up thus took the top position in terms of the number of publicly accessible shared cars. On top of that, the acquisition of Connect Car's places last month, allowing MyWheels to grow to more than 2.500 cars.  

In addition, the number of customers increased by 2021 percent in 194 compared to 2020, as did the number of trips by 214 percent. The provider strengthens its position in the Amsterdam region with the acquisition of shared car spaces from ConnectCar. Until recently, ConnectCar offered almost 300 shared cars – and therefore shared car spaces – in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Zaandam and Diemen, among others. These shared areas are now making way for the MyWheels (electric) fleet.

“Many conveniently located places are now being added in the Amsterdam region, making MyWheels the largest provider of shared cars in the Netherlands in one fell swoop.”

In 2021, MyWheels already joined forces with start-up Juuve, which led to a strengthened position in Rotterdam and Utrecht, among others. Shared mobility is becoming increasingly popular, especially in large cities: shared cars have become an indispensable part of the streetscape. The younger target group in particular embraces the mental shift from possession to use. The advantages of sharing – think of lower costs and no hassle of owning your own car (maintenance, MOT, etc.) – weigh heavily for them compared to owning their own means of transport. The fact that MyWheels makes electric driving accessible for affordable prices has also contributed to the recent growth.

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Each shared car saves 11 privately owned cars.
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