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Kiwa Rijswijk

Declaration of intent: government takes back aviation tasks from Kiwa

EditorsJuly 7, 2024

Both parties have now established that there are good reasons to return these aviation tasks to the ILT. The Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management and Kiwa NV recently signed a declaration of intent for the transfer of specific aviation tasks from…

Ilse Zeemeijer: noise pollution from planes flying over and screeching trams underestimated

Ilse Zeemeijer: noise pollution from planes flying over and screeching trams underestimated

Gerrit SayyJuly 7, 2024

Noise pollution is a current issue that affects many people due to its negative impact on the living environment. Ilse Zeemeijer, researcher at the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT), has conducted an in-depth investigation into the effectiveness of the system of permits, supervision...

Barry Madlener

N434 and Corbulo tunnel open: breakthrough for traffic in the dune and bulb region

EditorsJuly 6, 2024

The RijnlandRoute is a new road connection from Katwijk, via the A44, to the A4 near Leiden. A festive day for Leiden, Katwijk and the entire Dune and Bulb Region. Since 6.00 a.m. on Friday, the new provincial road…


End of an era: direct train to Switzerland disappears

EditorsJuly 6, 2024

An adventurous alternative is the direct night train to Switzerland, which will continue to run for the time being. The direct train connection between the Netherlands and Switzerland, a popular route for many travelers, will cease to exist from July 15, 2024. This news marks…

Mandatory safety systems: what does this mean for motorists?

Mandatory safety systems: what does this mean for motorists?

EditorsJuly 6, 2024

One of the most striking systems is the ISA system, or the Intelligent Speed ​​Assistant. From July 7, all new cars in Europe must be equipped with a series of safety systems that fall under the heading Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This…

Royal Military Police

Royal Military Police: Flixbus travelers found without documents

EditorsJuly 5, 2024

During a routine check by the Royal Military Police on the A2 near Eijsden, Limburg, fifteen Syrian foreigners were found without the necessary entry documents. The inspection, which took place around 18:00 PM, was part of the Mobile Safety Supervision (MTV), a program aimed…


Transrapid in the IC segment: Freedom of Mobility Foundation presents ambitious vision

Gerrit SayyJuly 5, 2024

The Freedom of Mobility Foundation chooses the German magnetic train Transrapid 09. The Freedom of Mobility Foundation sees an important role for the Transrapid in the Netherlands, as a replacement for the conventional Intercity (IC) and possibly even the high-speed train (HST)…


CBR: stricter criteria for taxi passes should improve safety and service

EditorsJuly 5, 2024

Since July 1, 2024, the trainer must be authorized to reserve the practical exam with the CBR. The requirements for the practical exam for taxi drivers have been significantly tightened by the Central Bureau of Driving Licenses (CBR) as of July 1, 2024. With the introduction…

Council of State

Legislation: Council of State critical of new road safety measures

EditorsJuly 5, 2024

The Council also made comments on the minimum duration of alternative detention. To improve road safety, the Ministries of Justice and Security and of Infrastructure and Water Management have submitted a bill that includes the Road Traffic Act 1994 and the Code…

Carol Schouten

Historical: Carola Schouten nominated as the first female mayor of Rotterdam

Gerrit SayyJuly 5, 2024

The Ministry of the Interior remains committed to a more balanced distribution of men and women in mayoral positions. Rotterdam is on the eve of a historic appointment. Carola Schouten, former Minister of Agriculture and Minister for Poverty Policy, Participation and Pensions,…



Exploring Dinant: optimal travel through the heart of the Meuse Valley

Carlo ScheirJuly 13, 20245 min read

For those who prefer cycling, Dinant offers several bicycle rental companies. Misuse…

Pole Pole

Ghent Festivities 2024: Everything you need to know about the upcoming festivities

Carlo ScheirJuly 12, 20244 min read

The Ghent Festivities edition 2024, that is 501 organizers who…



Emergency plan: worry-free to Graspop with free shuttle buses from the line

Carlo ScheirJune 19, 2024

Get ready for the annual overwhelming experience full of thundering drums and booming bass. Graspop Metal Meeting, the largest metal festival in Flanders, is just around the corner and will take place from 19 to 24 June in Dessel. This…


Smart travel: public transport the key during the Olympic Games

EditorsJune 17, 2024

Are you traveling to Paris this summer to cheer on the athletes at the Olympic and Paralympic Games? The 2024 Olympic Games in Paris promise to be a spectacular event that will attract thousands of sports fans from all over the world...

Review: Lydia Peeters brings 2,2 billion euros of investments to Limburg

Review: Lydia Peeters brings 2,2 billion euros of investments to Limburg

Carlo ScheirJune 14, 2024

Key projects include the North-South Link, with tunnel works starting in 2026, and significant investments in cycling infrastructure, including new cycle paths, tunnels and bridges. Flemish Minister Lydia Peeters has achieved impressive results for the province of Limburg during her legislature. Under her policy…

Rod Duivels

EK: Brussels Airlines brings national pride to Germany

Carlo ScheirJune 12, 2024

Red Devils left for Stuttgart with Trident. The Belgian national football team, the Red Devils, left Brussels for Stuttgart this morning, in preparation for the 2024 European Championship. Brussels Airlines, proud partner of the Belgian national teams, had the honor…


Tourism: sustainable tourism options increase the appeal of Cyprus

Gerrit SayyJune 10, 2024

The reasons for visiting Cyprus vary, but holidays remain the main motivation. Cyprus remains a popular destination for tourists, according to the latest figures for the first four months of 2024. From January to April this…

Big Bus Tours Paris

Big Bus: electric buses are conquering Paris, Vienna and London this summer

Gerrit SayyJune 9, 2024

Tourists visiting world cities know the image all too well: an upper deck full of people on a smelly and noisy diesel bus. Often to the great annoyance of the residents in the streets through which these buses pass. But that's coming soon...

Eindhoven-based Pitane Mobility plays a key role in the Flanders taxi market

Eindhoven-based Pitane Mobility plays a key role in the Flanders taxi market

Carlo ScheirJune 6, 2024

The growth is mainly due to the increased checks on Flemish roads. The past year has been a period of significant growth in connections in the taxi industry in Flanders. This growth is mainly attributable to the increased…

Europees Parlement

Elections: Europe invests millions in sustainable transport in the Netherlands

EditorsJune 2, 2024

The Netherlands benefits from billions of euros in EU subsidies for infrastructure. The European Union announced last year that it is investing 6,2 billion euros in sustainable, safe and efficient transport infrastructure in several member states, including the Netherlands. This investment comes from the EU financing programme…


From pilot to scoop: autonomous shuttles in Terhills

Carlo ScheirMay 30, 2024

Five smart vans transport visitors without a driver and without a steward on board. The largest fleet of unmanned shuttle buses in Europe has recently started operating in Maasmechelen, near the Terhills tourist site. After a successful pilot phase, Terhills has five autonomous shuttle buses in…

Photo: De Lijn

De Lijn is listening: extra buses and evening rides on West Flemish lines

Carlo ScheirMay 29, 2024

Getting to your destination without worries is the most important thing. From July 1, transport company De Lijn will be making some adjustments to bus connections, including in West Flanders. Earlier this year, De Lijn introduced a new transport plan, but based on…