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On Sunday, March 31, experience the highlight of the Flemish cycling spring again from the front row!

The Tour of Flanders, one of the most prestigious one-day cycling races in Flanders and part of the UCI WorldTour, is just around the corner. This year the cycling spectacle will be held on Sunday, March 31, where the cities of Oudenaarde and Ronse, the municipality of Kluisbergen and the province of East Flanders have joined forces to increase accessibility for spectators. The collaboration has resulted in the use of free shuttle services by De Lijn, with which visitors can travel comfortably and free of charge to the heart of the action from various locations.

This service is not only a solution for the many cycling fans who want to experience the event up close, but also an example of the efforts made to make major public events sustainable and accessible. The initiators hope not only to reduce traffic pressure in the regions involved, but also to enrich the cycling experience by bringing fans closer to their cycling heroes.

Free shuttle buses are deployed from strategic locations: Oudenaarde station, Kluisbergen (Berchem), and Ronse, where you can transfer to the shuttle service. The timetable is designed to allow spectators access to the final areas of the race from 10:00 AM to 13:15 PM, with a return service running from 18:00 PM to 20:00 PM after the end of the race. women's competition. This takes into account the timing of the races and the expected peak times of spectator traffic.

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Tour of Flanders
Photo: De Lijn - Tour of Flanders

The shuttle service consists of three specific routes, each designed to get fans as close to the action as possible without the stress of traffic and parking. Shuttle bus A connects Oudenaarde with the crucial climbing sections of Kwaremont and Paterberg, two of the most iconic locations in the Tour of Flanders, known for their decisive role in the race. These places attract large numbers of spectators every year, thanks to the steep slopes and cobblestones that guarantee a spectacle.

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This service is offered free of charge thanks to financial contributions from the province of East Flanders and the cities and municipalities involved, which underlines how important the Tour of Flanders is for the region, both culturally and economically. The initiative shows how important cooperation between local authorities and organizations is to make major events accessible to a wide audience. 

The use of free shuttle services not only enriches the experience of the day itself, but also takes an important step in reducing the environmental impact that such events can have. The organization offers more info to interested parties via their website and a specially published brochure, which includes details about the timetable, boarding locations and other practical matters. This initiative promises to significantly increase the accessibility and enjoyment of the Tour of Flanders, and provides an example of how public and private sectors can work together to support sport and community.

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