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ProRail is starting a large-scale renovation project at the Tilburg and Tilburg University stations, which will have major consequences for train passengers and freight transporters.

Work will take place at the Tilburg and Tilburg University stations from April 28 to May 13. ProRail is also working on the track between Tilburg and Breda and between Tilburg and Vught. As a result, no trains will run to, from and via Tilburg for 15 days.

Anton Korlaar, project manager at ProRail, explains: “With these interventions we complete almost a decade of improvements. After the passage, the prawn cracker roof and the new bicycle shed, the station is almost ready for the future. Although there will still be minor works, they will have less impact on the daily traveler.”

At Tilburg University, portals for the overhead lines are being replaced and platforms are being thoroughly renovated, including new paving, lighting, cameras and a public address system. In addition, the retaining walls at Gilze-Rijen station are also being renovated. This extensive work requires a temporary closure of several level crossings and the partial closure of a fast cycle route in Rijen. 

Due to the planned work, freight transport via Tilburg is not possible. Most freight trains will detour via the Betuwe route. However, part of the freight transport that normally travels via the Brabant route will be diverted via Gouda, Utrecht, 's Hertogenbosch and Eindhoven.

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The large-scale work at the Tilburg stations and surrounding areas will entail significant changes for the thousands of daily users of these routes. To minimize inconvenience and ensure continuity in transport, the Dutch Railways (NS) has drawn up an extensive plan for replacement bus transport. This plan is crucial to support travelers during the period when no trains run to, from and via Tilburg.

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replacement bus transport

The NS has deployed three types of replacement transport to accommodate the different needs of travelers: express buses, stop buses and local buses. The express buses connect major stations such as Breda, Tilburg and 's-Hertogenbosch, offering a faster option for travelers commuting between these major hubs. These buses run directly between the stations without stops, which significantly reduces travel time compared to the normal train connection.

The buses serve a wider network of stations, including Oisterwijk, Tilburg University, Tilburg Reeshof, and Gilze-Rijen. These buses stop at all intermediate stops, making them a suitable option for travelers heading to smaller stations. For locals and students who often use these routes, these buses are vital to continue their daily routines. In addition, NS uses extra buses on specific days, such as on May 13, where both express buses and stop buses are deployed between Tilburg and Breda to accommodate the expected peak in passenger flow. 


A key component of replacement transport is communication with travelers. NS has taken various measures to ensure that travelers are well informed. The travel planner is constantly updated with the latest changes to timetables and available transport options. Travelers are encouraged to plan their trip and consider alternative routes before departure. In addition, extra employees have been deployed at the stations to assist travelers and guide them to the correct alternative transport. These employees are recognizable by their uniform and provide assistance with questions about timetables, directions, and general travel information.

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