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International cycling conference Velo-city will come to Ghent in June 2024.

Ghent will get into the cycling mood in June 2024 with the exciting Velo festival. Organized as a prelude to the prestigious international cycling conference Velo-city, this event promises a wide range of activities for cycling enthusiasts. One of the highlights is undoubtedly the Bike Parade on Wednesday, June 19, where participants can enjoy an atmospheric bike ride of approximately 10 kilometers through the heart of Ghent.

This festive bike parade starts at 19.00 p.m. from 't Kuipke in the Citadel Park and takes cyclists past some of the city's most picturesque locations, such as the Louisa d'Havé Bridge, the B401 highway, Portus Ganda, and the Old Docks. The course has a mix of flat and some inclined sections, ideal for a relaxing ride that is accessible to all ages and levels.

Participants in the Bike Parade will not only experience the city in a unique way, but will also be able to enjoy various street entertainment. Organizations such as Cirq and 123-piano provide lively stopovers, while G-sport and De Fietsambassade emphasize the importance of inclusive cycling. The event culminates on the Vrijdagmarkt, where the après cycling party will take place from 20.00 p.m. with live music, which will keep the participants in the party mood for a long time.

The Velo festival, and in particular the Bike Parade, is not only a celebration of cycling culture in Ghent, but also part of a larger international event. Velo-city, the world cycling conference that previously visited cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Taipei and Lisbon, has chosen Ghent as its host city this year. This offers a wonderful opportunity for local and international visitors to experience the dynamism and cycling friendliness of Ghent.

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This event not only highlights cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation, but also as a means of community building and social inclusion. By coming together, cycling and partying, the Bike Parade strengthens community bonds and promotes an active lifestyle. With snacks and drinks available from various stalls along the route, this evening promises to be both a sporty and fun affair.

With its rich program and inclusive nature, the Velo Festival attracts a wide audience, from avid cyclists to families looking for a unique way to spend time together. Ghent transforms into a true cycling metropolis in June, with the Velo festival an unmissable event for anyone who wants to explore the city on two wheels.


Velo-city is a series of conferences on cycling policy, mainly in Europe. It is considered one of the world's most important forums for the exchange of expertise on cycling policy. The first edition was in Bremen in 1980, and also inspired the founding of the European Cyclists' Union in 1983.

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