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A large fire broke out in a caravan shed in Bleiswijk on Wednesday evening around 19.30 pm.

Hundreds of campers and caravans have been destroyed by a fire in a storage shed on the Anjerweg in Bleiswijk, a spokesman for the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Security Region reports. At around 22,45:300 p.m., the fire service gave the signal that the fire was under control. There were no injuries in the incident, but the sheds including about XNUMX campers/caravans were lost during the fire.

An NL-Alert was sent due to the large amount of smoke. The call was to stay out of the smoke, close windows and doors and turn off ventilation. The fire broke out in a storage shed for caravans, among other things. The fire brigade arrived on site and had sufficient equipment to fight the fire. Due to the challenges of obtaining sufficient extinguishing water, a large-scale water transport system was en route to the location of the fire.

At that time, the focus of the effort was mainly on preventing further expansion because more than three hundred campers and caravans, which were stored in several halls, all caught fire. Following the fire that broke out in a building on the Anjerweg in Bleiswijk, the Safety region Rotterdam-Rijnmond (VRR) the urgent advice to close the surrounding greenhouses. Rijkswaterstaat warned road users about the smoke. The smoke was also clearly visible from the A12 between Gouda and The Hague.


The fire spread considerably on Wednesday evening. This released soot and glass particles that could fall as far as Waddinxveen, east of the fire. According to the VRR, debris and fire remains were found in this area. It contains harmful substances, but the chance of exposure to these substances is small. – (#bleiswijk)

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