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However you choose to spend this day, the most important thing is to show your mother how much you appreciate her.

This Sunday is Mother's Day, a special day on which nearly five million mothers throughout the Netherlands anxiously await what their children have in store for them. From breakfast in bed to handmade gifts, and from surprise outings to lavish dinners, Mother's Day is all about appreciation for our mothers. But where is the best place to take your mother on this special day?

Of course, the perfect Mother's Day depends very much on each mother's personal preferences. For some moms, nothing beats relaxing in a spa or wellness center. Other moms might prefer to take a walk through a beautiful natural area or visit an art gallery or museum.

One of the popular options is a day trip to Keukenhof. This world famous garden not only offers a breathtaking view of millions of tulips in full bloom, but also the chance to enjoy a delicious picnic in the open air. For mothers who enjoy a cultural outing, a visit to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam or the Mauritshuis in The Hague can be an enriching experience. These museums house some of the most famous works of art in the world and can provide a day of inspiration and admiration.

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A visit to the Mauritshuis in The Hague can be an enriching experience.

For the adventurous mothers, a day trip to one of the many beautiful nature parks in the Netherlands, such as the Hoge Veluwe or the Biesbosch, can be an unforgettable experience. Cycling, hiking, or even canoeing are some of the activities you can enjoy here. For the culinary moms, a visit to one of the many top restaurants in the country can be a treat. From intimate bistros to Michelin star restaurants, there are plenty of options to spoil your mother with culinary delights.

nearly 5 million

On Mother's Day 2023, the Netherlands will have nearly 5 million mothers, of which 78 thousand will be new mothers. Half of the mothers have two children, one in five has three. Another one in five mothers has one child. Women are on average 30,3 years old when they have their first child. Statistics Netherlands reports this.

Large families are rare nowadays: less than one in ten mothers had four or more children, only one percent has six or more. Fifty years ago, large families were more common: then three in ten mothers had a family of four or more children. Mothers born before the Second World War relatively often had large families, mothers born after the war usually kept two children. In the meantime, only the oldest mothers still belong to the pre-war generation.

It is mainly young mothers who usually only have one child. It is expected that more than half of this younger generation will also have two children. The average age at which women become mothers has risen in recent decades, reaching 30,3 years in 2022. In the early 24,3s, new mothers were still an average of XNUMX years. In the XNUMXs and XNUMXs a lot changed in society, including the role of women.

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Mother's Day is all about appreciation for our mothers.

More and more women received higher education and went to work. The introduction of the pill also made it possible to plan having children. Becoming a young mother became less and less common. In 1995, women in their thirties in particular became mothers for the first time, in 2022 the focus will be on women between the ages of 30 and 35.

fewer young mothers

Because the age at which women start having children has moved up, there are fewer young mothers than 25 years ago. At the beginning of 1995, one third of women aged 25 to 30 were mothers, in 2023 this will be more than one fifth. Fewer young mothers already have two or more children. At the beginning of 2023, 29 percent of people in their twenties with children had at least two. In 1995 it was still 34 percent, and in 1971 it was 40 percent. In 2023, a larger proportion of women will remain childless than in 1995. About 50 percent of people in their 20s are childless, compared to 1995 percent in 11.


However you choose to spend this day, the most important thing is to show your mother how much you appreciate her. Whether it's a simple handwritten card or an extravagant outing, it's about the love and appreciation you express for her. So, whether you're planning your day around her favorite activities or introducing something completely new, remember that it's the effort and gesture that count. This year, while five million moms are full of anticipation, let's make sure we give our mothers the recognition they deserve. Let's make this Mother's Day unforgettable!

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