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Safety tips after a fire in Knokke because smoke detectors can save lives.

Along the Zeedijk-Het Zoute in Knokke, an apartment suddenly became a scene of chaos and unrest when the battery of an electric scooter, which was being charged at the time, exploded. This incident, which took place around 12:30 PM, has not only caused physical damage but has also set off alarm bells for scooter owners who are now questioning the safety of modern electrically powered devices.

The resident of the affected apartment, an elderly man from Brussels, took immediate action by fighting the fire himself. However, his valiant attempt to put out the fire with a powder extinguisher was in vain as he was soon overwhelmed by the smoke. The man was taken to hospital for medical examination with symptoms of mild carbon monoxide poisoning. This incident highlights the hidden dangers of everyday home appliances and the need for proper safety measures.

The incident in Knokke highlights a number of important issues regarding the safety of electrical appliances. First, there is the issue of the safety of the batteries used in such devices. Batteries, especially those in larger devices such as electric scooters, can pose a significant risk if not used or maintained properly. Secondly, it shows that while technological advancements bring many conveniences, it is also essential to pay attention to the potential dangers that these devices can pose.

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Photo: © Pitane Blue - electric scooters

Lieutenant Roemer Vanhoutte, a firefighting expert, provided a detailed description of the incident. According to Vanhoutte, the room where the electric scooter was charged was completely destroyed by the fire. The apartment itself suffered significant smoke damage and the electrical installation was destroyed, rendering it temporarily uninhabitable. It is remarkable that the surrounding apartments, both above and below the affected apartment, were spared from serious damage. The firefighters took preventative measures by ventilating these areas to minimize smoke damage.

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The mayor of Knokke, Jan Morbee (Municipal Interests), was on site and underlined the importance of caution when charging electrical devices such as scooters and bicycles. He also emphasized the critical importance of having functioning smoke detectors and a foam fire extinguisher in the home. This advice is not only relevant for the residents of Knokke, but for everyone who uses electrical equipment. The mayor's call for safety resonates as an urgent reminder of the importance of fire safety in our increasingly technology-driven world.

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