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The Outbreak Management Team advises the cabinet to consider limiting tourism in its own country. The cabinet continues to examine day by day whether the current package of measures has sufficient effect on the spread and the epidemic is weakening. If not, additional steps or a lockdown will follow. In contrast to last week, the books went down as fairly exemplary last weekend, with a few exceptions.

Tomorrow the ministerial crisis committee will meet to discuss the measures. The cabinet may opt for an extension, especially because the pressure on healthcare is too great. Extra measures are most likely not necessary, because the rules are currently being properly observed, is the impression in The Hague. However, municipalities also remain alert and are prepared to close parking lots to forests if necessary and to block roads to the beach. Mayors can close specific locations through an emergency ordinance. 

measures but no lockdown

Extending the measures therefore means that the schools, catering and restaurants will remain closed for longer. The rules for a 1,5-meter distance and staying at home as much as possible will also apply longer. Mobility is limited to shopping alone and not with the whole family.

Children can still play together outside. But parents should stay indoors as much as possible. Do you not keep a distance of 1,5 meters? Then this can lead to a fine of up to 390 euros. Follow all advice from it RIVM us.

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Netherlands lockdown