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Flanders is seeing a rush on premiums for electric cars and Eindhoven Airport is temporarily closing its doors for major renovation.

This week was characterized by remarkable initiatives and developments in the field of mobility and safety in the Netherlands and Belgium. From a groundbreaking price reduction for shared cargo bikes to major renovations at airports and city centers, the news has been full of events that will affect public spaces and the daily lives of many citizens.

During the solidarity gesture Following the crisis surrounding Babboe cargo bikes, shared cargo bike provider Cargoroo has decided to reduce its subscription rates by 50%. This initiative, under the hashtag #STAYBOXCYCLES, offers support to families who depend on cargo bikes for their daily transport. Cargoroo's action comes after revelations about structural problems with the frames of Babboe cargo bikes, which led to breakages and in some cases accidents. Despite criticism of Babboe for not sufficiently addressing these safety risks, the manufacturer emphasizes that the number of reported problems is relatively low and has been resolved satisfactorily.

At the other end of the spectrum, technological crime was in the spotlight with the conviction of two New York taxi drivers for their role in a hack of the taxi-hailing system at JFK Airport. This hack allowed drivers to bypass long queues, compromising the security and integrity of one of the busiest airports in the world.

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Ryan Air
Photo: © Pitane Blue - Ryan Air - Eindhoven

In the meantime, Eindhoven is preparing for a period of rest and renovation Eindhoven Airport will be temporarily closed for a complete renovation of the runway. These major works, which will last five months, are an example of the ongoing efforts to improve infrastructure, although they will cause temporary inconveniences for travelers and local communities.

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In Ghent the cityscape is transformed by the ambitious Petercelle ash project, which involves an integral renovation of the central shopping and walking axis. This project is a step towards improving urban mobility and livability, with a special focus on pedestrians and the overall aesthetics of the city center.

The Flemish government is now in a rush premiums for electric cars, a clear sign of the growing interest in sustainable mobility. With almost 3.000 requests in just a few days, this initiative shows that citizens are increasingly willing to switch to cleaner means of transport.

Finally, an incident involving a De Lijn bus, in which a girl became trapped between the doors, led to a thorough evaluation of the safety precautions. This incident highlights the importance of continued attention to the safety of passengers on public transport.

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