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Cargo bike sharing provider Cargoroo immediately reduces subscription rates by 50%.

In light of the recent crisis surrounding Babboe cargo bikes, shared cargo bike provider Cargoroo has taken a remarkable step to assist affected families. By announcing a significant 50% reduction in subscription rates, Cargoroo offers an immediate solution for users who suddenly find themselves without their trusted cargo bike. This measure, intended to guarantee the mobility of city residents, is a clear signal of solidarity and support for the cargo bike community.

Cargoroo's decision is not only aimed at easing the financial burden for current and new users, but also at preventing a return to less sustainable means of transport, such as the car. The initiative, under the campaign name #STAYBOXCYCLES, emphasizes the importance of cargo bikes as an essential part of urban mobility and sustainability.

“And the campaign name #STAY BIKES actually says it all: the worst that can happen is that families get back in the car and allow the city to become more silted up.”

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Photo: © Pitane Blue - Cargoroo
The 50% reduction on subscription rates is radical and of course also applies to existing users.

“We want the cargo bike to remain the very best alternative to the car in the city. Our significant discount during #STAYBAKFIETSEN is above all a signal that we really want to help the affected cargo cyclists. We also hope that this misery will be over soon, because this is dramatic for everyone involved.”

Cargoroo, with a fleet of 1350 Urban Arrow e-cargo bikes, already plays a prominent role in the Netherlands' urban transport, with services in major cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, The Hague, Utrecht, Arnhem, and Nijmegen. The company's fast shared cargo bikes, equipped with pedal assistance, offer a practical solution for city residents who occasionally need a cargo bike. By expanding their service to Belgium and Germany, Cargoroo shows its ambition to further support and expand the cargo bike movement.

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This strategic price reduction by Cargoroo can be seen as an important step in supporting the transition to more sustainable urban mobility solutions. By offering an affordable and accessible alternative to car use, Cargoroo contributes to reducing traffic congestion and environmental impact. This initiative underlines the potential of shared transport as a resilient and flexible solution to unforeseen circumstances that can affect the mobility of city residents.

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