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In the past week it was announced that Frank Oostdam is packing his suitcases, while the railways are putting early bookers on the right track.

Under the leadership of Minister Lydia Peeters, a decision was made that has a direct impact on taxi drivers in Flanders. The transitional measure that gives them time to meet the Dutch language requirement has been extended by one year until June 2025. This extension is in response to the fact that many drivers have not yet reached the required language level. To support them, special digital training courses have been set up that can be flexibly combined with their work.

Parallel to this development in the taxi industry, a major step has been taken towards modern supervision of taxi transport. The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate has successfully completed a practical test for a new central database, which points to a future with more efficient and improved supervision.

The Dutch Railways have also taken an innovative step in their rate structure by expanding the NS Price Time Deal. This measure makes train travel cheaper during off-peak hours for early bookers, with discounts of up to sixty percent.

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Photo: © Pitane Blue - Melanie van der Horst (D66) - Bertho Eckhardt (KNV)

In the field of urban mobility, councilor Melanie van der Horst shared an important vision about the mobility and urban development of Amsterdam during the KNV meeting. This goes hand in hand with the statements of Bertho Eckhardt, chairman of KNV, about the need for integrated and sustainable transport solutions.

Meanwhile, Brexit poses new challenges in the Dutch export sector, especially for exporters of animal products to the United Kingdom. The new trade rules and procedures have a direct impact on exports and require close regulatory attention.

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In the airline sector, amid lowered profit expectations and rising fuel costs, Ryanair is in conflict with online travel agencies such as Kiwi, and Kayak. This conflict follows the decision by these platforms to remove Ryanair flights from their offering.

Finally, in the travel industry, Frank Oostdam, a respected ambassador for the travel industry, is stepping down from his role. His efforts, especially during the Corona period, are widely recognized. His successor, Frank Radstake, has already been appointed and will focus on important themes such as sustainability and innovation.

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