The route to Curaçao is especially interesting, given that the Caribbean island is a popular holiday destination, but previously had relatively limited access from the US with direct flights.

JetBlue, the American budget airline, is expanding its wingspan with a daily flight between New York and Curaçao from February next year. This expansion follows an earlier increase in the number of flights on this route, from three to five per week, a change driven by growing demand for tickets from the United States to the Caribbean island. The morning flight from New York's JFK Airport will depart at 8:00 AM and is expected to arrive in Curaçao at 13:25 PM local time. The return flight is scheduled for 14:25 PM with an expected landing in New York at 18:30 PM.

Ruisandro Cijntje, the minister of Curaçao responsible for tourism, welcomes the expansion of the flight service, as it would give an extra boost to tourism on the island. JetBlue's expansion also comes at a time when it is looking to increase its presence in Europe. The airline recently started a daily connection between Schiphol and New York. This decision was made amid ongoing debates about the possible downsizing of Schiphol Airport.

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Minister Cijntje Ruisandro

As Curaçao looks for ways to boost tourism as a crucial part of the local economy, the daily connection to New York can play a significant role.

Cities such as Venice openly protest against the environmental effects and the pressure on local facilities due to the arrival of cruise ships, but Ruisandro Cijntje, the minister of Curaçao responsible for tourism, is doing everything he can to bring more cruises to the Caribbean island. This ambition is given new impetus with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' decision to change an itinerary. Originally, the cruise, with the ship Rhapsody of the Seas, would focus on a visit to the Panama Canal. However, the company recently decided to change the itinerary to a Caribbean cruise that will also visit Aruba and Curaçao in 2024.

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Curaçao is aiming for an economic boost, but the question remains whether the island has sufficient infrastructure and resources to handle an increase in the number of visitors, without compromising the environment and the quality of life of the local population.

Adding the two Caribbean islands to the route is an important development that was not previously included in the program. Royal Caribbean has notified all travelers who had already booked the original cruise of this change. The adjusted itinerary takes effect on March 16, 2024 and includes a 7-day cruise through the southern part of the Caribbean. Customers who had already booked have until the end of August 2023 to decide whether they want to follow the new itinerary including Aruba and Curaçao, or whether they want to cancel their cruise completely because their original wish to visit the Panama Canal is now not fulfilled. 

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