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With the launch of real-time baggage information, the airport is taking a significant step forward in customer service and efficiency.

This innovation makes it possible for returning travelers to know exactly when and where to expect their luggage via the Schiphol App, website and the 150 information screens in the baggage halls. The implementation of predictive algorithms, a method that is also used in aircraft ground handling, illustrates Schiphol's pursuit of continuous improvement and technological progress.


In addition to the progress in the field of baggage handling, Schiphol also has other developments to report that make traveler's lives more pleasant. The opening of the first FEBO branch at a Dutch airport offers travelers and visitors the opportunity to enjoy Dutch snack culture, even before security checks. 

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Photo: © FEBO - Schiphol branch

"We are very happy to introduce FEBO at Schiphol. We have been dating for a long time and now we are dating! We have high expectations. I think all Schiphol passers-by will find this FEBO fantastic. To officially celebrate the opening, we invite invite everyone to celebrate the official opening with us on April 11 at 12:00 noon with some fresh festive croquettes and plenty of entertainment."

This completely new FEBO branch is located at Schiphol Plaza, next to the iconic aircraft exhibition and is accessible to everyone. PHOEBUS has been a household name in the Netherlands and far beyond since 1941. This new location replaces Avolta's Pommes Frites store at Schiphol Plaza, expanding the range of Dutch culinary delicacies. 

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The logistics of traveling to and from Schiphol are also undergoing a transformation. With a new arrival passage for taxi app users such as Uber and Bolt, Schiphol facilitates a smoother flow of passenger traffic. This new location, just a five-minute walk from Schiphol Plaza, not only improves accessibility but also contributes to the overall experience of airline passengers and crew.

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bus transportation
Photo: © Pitane Blue - bus transport to Schiphol Airport

Not every aircraft can be at a gate at the terminal at peak times, mainly due to the enormous numbers of passengers and flights that Schiphol handles every day.

Schiphol uses electric buses to transport travelers from their plane to the gate and vice versa. When it is busy, not every plane can be at a gate at the terminal. These planes are a little further away. We then use buses for transport to and from these aircraft. More than 50 buses in the take-off and landing area already run on electricity. There are no longer diesel buses running here. Aircraft that park further away from the terminal require some form of transportation for travelers to reach the terminal or vice versa. 


Another notable initiative is the test with electric autonomous buses on the airport grounds. This trial, which aims to improve the mobility of employees of various airside service companies, demonstrates Schiphol's ambition to integrate sustainable and innovative transport solutions into its operations. The buses, supplied by Ohmio, run a fixed route with several stops near offices of cleaning and ground handling companies. Feedback from employees using the service has been overwhelmingly positive, with 89% indicating they would be willing to use the autonomous scheduled service again.

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