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From hundreds of thousands of passengers in a few months to less and less in recent years, unfortunately.

More than 22 years of memories lie at the location of the first successful transferium in the Netherlands for the General Director at BusiNext and NextOV John Hage. He was also amazed at the proposed sale of the transferium building to a chip shop. Renesse has a Transferium to keep the beach crossings, the recreation companies and the center of Renesse accessible. But that location has been negatively portrayed in recent days, even though it used to be the entrance to Renesse, even with the VVV there.

"However, it hurts to see the first successful Transferium in the Netherlands slide down like this in 1997. From hundreds of thousands of passengers in a few months to less and less in recent years, unfortunately."

While chairman Hans Geurtsen of the Renesse village council roars that it is backroom politics, there is widespread surprise at the intention of the mayor and aldermen to sell the main building at the transferium in Renesse. The transferium is located on the outskirts of Renesse and is an initiative of the municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland and was developed to reduce traffic in the center of Renesse and improve accessibility.

“Lost the tender 2 years ago from bus transport for the sake of clarity. That's not my point, I accept that. That's how it works in our industry. You win or lose. It's that simple. It only hurts that the first successful Transferium of the Netherlands in 1997 seems to be sliding down. Unfortunately, from hundreds of thousands of passengers in a few months to less and less in recent years,” says John Hage.

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Transferium Renesse with a charging station for electric cars.

According to Hage, the essence is that the Transferium should be a mobility hub. The entire Zeeland Public Transport tender is based on the Regional Mobility Strategy. While other entrepreneurs who wanted to start a catering business in the ring village that arose around the Jacobuskerk always received no response, it now seems that Renesse is getting its own 'chip shop' at the transferium. 

The municipality wants to sell the vacant building at the transferium to the owners of snack cart De Buren

Amazement everywhere among the 'sand loapers' and according to VVD council member Ramon de Ceuninck van Capelle, the council is knowingly flouting its own policy rules. After all, a catering stop applies to Schouwen-Duiveland, but the chip shop of 'Hansje Pommes' disappears after years from the Hogezoom in Renesse. 

Alderman Jacqueline van Burg sees it all differently. After a two-year search for an alternative location for De Buren, the municipality finally arrived at the vacant transferium building. “We also think it fits in with the interpretation of the transferium. You can also enjoy a drink and a meal there. In addition, we have supervision over the public toilets that are demolished at every turn,” said van Burg in an email reaction at Marcel Modde (BN DeStem).

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