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The Public Transport Employers Association (VWOV) wants a breather in the strikes.

Nationally, on the basis of the morning images, more than half of the public drives today during the strike of the various carriers. It differs regionally how much is driven. The Association of Public Transport Employers (VWOV) wants to redo the collective bargaining puzzle with trade unions. That is possible if there is a breathing space. The VWOV then thinks of six weeks.

VWOV would like to sit down at the table

The VWOV indicates that parties at the negotiating table can start with a clean slate. 

We understand from reports that unions would also like to return to the table. We want that too. As far as we are concerned, we can sit down at the table as soon as the unions announce a breathing space and stop the strikes. Since the negotiating night of January 17, we see that other topics are being discussed at trade unions than those discussed during the negotiations. And also subjects other than those included in the current FNV ultimatum, for example.'

According to the chairman, the parties should have an investigation into how they use the available resources for agreements in the new collective labor agreement. The wage offer is of course a subject of discussion, but it is also in the interest of all employees in the sector to reach their retirement health and fitness, and we want measures to achieve this. The VWOV also wants to make agreements to make the sector attractive to new target groups. 

Think of students, who could have a nice side job as a bus driver. Or to people returning to the labor market, who only want to work during school hours, for example. Attracting new colleagues also means a lower workload for existing colleagues. These are all topics we like to discuss. Including the themes that have come to the fore since the negotiating night of 17 January.

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The VWOV believes it is important to take a good look at what is collectively arranged for six companies, and what is relevant for each company. They are happy to exchange images with the trade unions and we want to make every effort to reach an agreement. It is also possible for VWOV to have discussions with a process supervisor if that helps. A precondition for employers is that agreements must be affordable and feasible.

rural image

The national picture based on information from carriers this morning is that more than half of public transport runs with regional differences. In Friesland, 50% of the buses run. In the Haaglanden region also half. In Lelystad about 60%. In the city of Utrecht a small 70%, the tram does not run here. 55% of the buses run in the province of Utrecht. In Limburg, about 35% is still driving today. Carriers inform travelers about what is going on and advise travelers to prepare well for their journey.

FNV and CNV have called on members to strike for the public transport collective labor agreement, which applies to approximately 13.000 people. The VWOV represents the companies Arriva, EBS, Keolis Nederland, RET, Transdev and Qbuzz and negotiates with FNV and CNV about the Collective Labor Agreement for Public Transport.

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