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That is the message to the Provincial Council of the Mobility Alliance on the eve of the elections on 15 March.

Mobility is therefore an important theme in the challenges that provinces will face in the coming years. This means that the Provincial Council elections of 15 March 2023 and the subsequent coalition negotiations offer plenty of opportunities for provinces to make choices when tackling these complex challenges. 

For the Provincial Council, investing in mobility is an important, necessary and very effective way of tackling major issues in the province. Sustainable mobility keeps homes and offices accessible and travel affordable. Investment in making mobility more sustainable is essential given the growth of the population and the climate problem, but at the same time it also offers opportunities for the province.

“We ask provinces for ambitious and future-oriented policy. The provinces play a key role in realizing the climate agenda and making hundreds of thousands of new homes accessible. These challenges cannot be seen in isolation, and they cannot be solved without investing in mobility. Fortunately, investments in this pay off, because every euro spent on mobility pays off several times over.”

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We ask provinces for ambitious and future-oriented policy.

The Mobility Alliance also draws attention to the role of mobility as part of the regional energy transition. Due to a growing energy demand, great demands are made on our electricity network. Sufficient charging and refueling facilities are already essential and their number must also grow rapidly. In addition, smart charging stations can not only charge electricity, but also eventually extract electricity from vehicles. In this way, they could supply electricity to households during peak times of demand.

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The provinces will be faced with major spatial challenges in the coming period. In the coming years, the province will have to play a key role in realizing one million new homes. Good accessibility is an essential condition for successfully completing the assignment. It is also important that smart and future-proof investments are made in all modalities. That starts with effective spatial planning. The realization of sufficient facilities near homes and the smart planning of work and logistics locations prevents unnecessary travel. Supplying new housing and work locations also requires choices before construction starts.

Mobility Alliance

The Mobility Alliance is unique partnership of 26 parties, set up to ensure that the freedom of movement of the Netherlands is also preserved in the future. This calls for a change to a new, smarter mobility system in which both travelers and entrepreneurs can travel flexibly. The partners of the Mobility Alliance: ANWB – Arriva – Bouwend Nederland – BOVAG – EBS – FEHAC – Fietsersbond – GVB – HTM – Keolis – KNAC – KNV – MKB-Infra – NK – NS – OV-NL – Qbuzz – RAI Association – RET – Rover – Schiphol – TLN – Transdev – Association of Business Drivers – VNA – and Wandelnet.

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