The State Secretary does not have any cost overviews that relate to possible taxi costs.

PVV MP Gidi Markuszower recently received a postponement message in response to the parliamentary questions he asked about transporting asylum seekers by taxi. These questions were submitted on January 19, 2023, previously postponed in response to the answer by the State Secretary for Justice and Security, but have now been answered by the State Secretary.

Eric van der Burg confirms that in specific cases taxis are used during the Chain-wide Operational Coordination Center for Aliens (KOCV) to transport asylum seekers between locations. When a minor foreign national (AMV-er) or vulnerable person needs to be transported after the first registration from a police or KMAR post to the application center in Ter Apel, a taxi is used. It is not possible to indicate in advance how often taxi transport must be used.

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Photo: Pitane Blue - Gidi Markuszower (PVV)

The COA facilitates transport between the COA reception modalities. Organized transport is sometimes used (taxi, van or coach), for example to make the asylum seeker available for the asylum process. In most cases, however, the resident must use public transport independently. COA does not keep track of how often taxis are used. In addition to the COA, transport from Ter Apel to reception locations is also organized by KOCV at the request and on behalf of the chain partners. This mainly concerns transport by bus and/or coach.


The State Secretary does not have any cost overviews that relate to possible taxi costs incurred on behalf of the COA. COA is an independent administrative body and bears responsibility for the costs related to assignments related to the transport of asylum seekers. Therefore, he cannot make it available either. Both the IND and the COA have a framework agreement with a carrier. All reception costs incurred by the COA are financed from the national budget, including transport costs of the COA or the IND in the case of unaccompanied minors.

Photo: Eric van der Burg – National Government

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