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Cold, inclement winter weather and striking bus drivers in regional transport do not contribute to a crowd at the stop.

On day two of the strike in regional transport, the public transport employers' association (VWOV) estimates that half of the buses of carriers where employees participate in the strike are running. We went to take a look ourselves in the Eindhoven region at regional transporter Bravo. Line 406 to the central station does have canceled services, but half of the services still take us to the station.

“Thanks for not striking,” I say to the bus driver when boarding. “Well, actually I should strike”, was his reply. The conflict is great among the many non-striking drivers who indicate that the workload has become much too heavy. On the other hand, there is the love for the profession. "I can't leave the travelers out in the cold today."

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"Thanks for not striking," I say to the bus driver when boarding.

Thousands of bus drivers, train conductors and train drivers in regional transport have laid down their work since Monday. The conflict is deadlocked in both bus transport and taxi and care transport. Despite the CNV union agreeing to the collective labor agreement for taxi and care transport, regional transport is different. Both trade unions FNV and CNV are still diametrically opposed to each other there with the employers and called on the members to strike.

The conflicts of interest are so great that perhaps only a mediator can offer a solution to reduce the workload and absenteeism. Also a striking silence at the Rover and Consumers' Association, which in themselves can also stand up better for travelers. The traveler organization indicates that it has not yet had many complaints. The complaints that are received are mainly about unreliable or inadequate travel information, according to the organization.

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We could not notice much of this, both our used 9292 app and the signage at the bus station did not let us down and neatly indicated which services were unavailable. Lucky, especially on a cold day like today.


When you arrive at Eindhoven station, dozens of taxis are waiting for customers. Unfortunately, the strike in regional transport means little or no extra journeys for them. But on a day like today they may not mind, because the Turkish taxi drivers are standing together situation discuss in their home country. And this is many times worse than the concerns we are concerned about the regional transport strike.

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