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Altena is considering the possible deployment of volunteers.

In the municipality of Altena there are serious problems with student transport. Extra demand from the municipality, a staff shortage and high absenteeism are causing major problems for transporter Juijn. The college expects that the problems will continue in the coming months and therefore would like to point out to parents the possibility of a kilometer allowance for adapted (taxi) transport and is considering the possible use of volunteers.

In a letter to the city council, the college of Mayor Egbert Lichtenberg and his aldermen let it be known that Juijn is struggling with a major staff shortage, high absenteeism and extra demand from the municipality of Altena. Parents are asked for understanding and an explanation is given about the transport problems. 

"We understand that this is very annoying for parents who are unexpectedly confronted with this, but also for their children."

The college is currently in talks with the carrier. The problems at the carrier, Juijn in Zaltbommel, are not the only cause of the transport problems, according to the commission in a letter to the council. The extra demand from the municipality for the transport of students who cannot travel independently due to a disability, behavioral problems or illness also contributes to this.

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By gemeenteraad acknowledges that the problem at the transport company is great due to a staff shortage, high absenteeism due to illness and extra demand from the municipality. This leads to logistical problems. Children from this target group sometimes have to wait a long time before they are picked up and new rides are difficult to schedule at the desired times. Despite the actions and measures taken by the carrier and the municipality in recent months, extra attention will continue to be needed in the coming months to meet the transport demand together.

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logistic problems

At the moment there are logistical problems when planning rides, which has consequences for pick-up and waiting times of the students who use this form of transport in accordance with the scheme. They entered into discussions with the carrier about how they can streamline this problem better. The City Council provides the following solutions for this. Explain to parents and ask for understanding, pointing them to the possibility of a km allowance as a consideration for adapted (taxi) transport, agreements about reporting sick drivers and the possible deployment of volunteers.

"The current transport problem is a situation that we cannot always control and which is therefore difficult to manage. We do our utmost to shape this as well as possible together with the carrier. We realize that this can create unpleasant situations for involved parents/carers and their children.”

Every child has the right to education. Parents or guardians must ensure that their child comes to school every day. Usually that's not a problem; the school is within walking or cycling distance of the house or can be reached independently by public transport. The situation is different for some children, for example because they have a disability or are dependent on a special school that is a long way away. If these children live in the municipality of Altena, they may be eligible for the student transport funding scheme of the municipality of Altena. To be eligible for student transport, parents or guardians must submit an application themselves.

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