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The Quadraam Foundation, a leading player in the Dutch educational landscape, opts for quality with the appointment of Betuwe Express as their official partner for coach transport.

This news comes out via an official announcement on TenderNed, in which the school organization shares details about this collaboration. With almost 1500 employees and providing education to around 12.000 students spread across 14 secondary schools in the Arnhem, De Liemers and Overbetuwe regions, this step marks an important milestone for Quadraam in their pursuit of high-quality education and additional services.

Betuwe Express, an established name in the Dutch coach industry with a rich history dating back 60 years, is known for its extensive experience and expertise in the field of passenger transport. This makes them the ideal choice for Quadraam, who attach great importance to the well-being of both their students and teachers. From May 13, 2024, Betuwe Express will take care of the transport of these important groups, with a contract value varying between 1,7 and 2,5 million euros.

The tender procedure, a careful process in which both the price and the quality of service each weighed 50 percent, ultimately resulted in the choice of Betuwe Express from a total of four tenders. This decision underlines Quadraam's commitment to ensuring the best possible conditions for its school community.

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Through this tender, Quadraam wishes to provide its organization with one contractor who can facilitate Quadraam's demand for bus transport during the framework agreement.

The contract with Betuwe Express is flexible with an initial term of just over one year, specifically until May 31, 2025. In addition, it offers the possibility of three consecutive extensions of one year each, meaning that the collaboration can potentially continue well into 2028. This construction gives both parties the space to tailor the collaboration to the dynamically changing needs within education and transport.

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This collaboration between Quadraam and Betuwe Express is not only a logistical step forward but also symbolizes a deeper commitment to facilitating accessible and quality education. By ensuring safe and reliable transportation for students and teachers, Quadraam strengthens its position as one of the larger education boards in the Netherlands, focused on the future and well-being of its community.

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