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The Eindhoven family business sees the development of the new CDT as a crucial step in improving the efficiency, safety and user-friendliness of transport services for taxi drivers.

Censys BV, based in Eindhoven, is known for its pioneering role in the development of specialized software for a wide range of transport services, including group, healthcare, taxi and student transport, as well as software solutions for traffic control, train blocking and control centers. Founded in 1994, the company will soon celebrate three decades of innovation and service in the transportation sector.

The roots of Censys BV lie deep in the technological developments that have transformed the transport sector over the past thirty years. As a company leading the development of critical software for diverse transportation needs, the Eindhoven company has adapted and anticipated the evolving demands of the industry. This has not only fueled the company's growth, but also contributed to more efficient and effective transportation solutions.

"Still going strong for 30 years! Thank you for your confidence in our software adventure!"

A pioneer in the technology sector since the early 1990s, Censys BV has firmly established itself as a forerunner in the evolution of digital technologies and their application in the transportation industry. With the emergence of the Internet and the subsequent wave of mobile technologies, Censys BV has not only adapted to these changes but has also actively contributed to shaping them by continuously developing its products and services.

From the very beginning, the company has recognized the value of integrating new technology in his offer. This insight has enabled Censys BV to develop innovative software solutions that significantly improve the efficiency and accessibility of transport services. Through the current application of advanced AI techniques, the company has created products that not only respond to the current needs of the market but also anticipate future trends and developments.

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At a time when innovation is the engine of progress, it stands out Censys BV itself by going further than simply applying existing technologies. The company is committed to developing breakthrough solutions that improve not only accessibility, but also the efficiency of transportation services. This has resulted in the development of advanced, user-friendly software that not only makes transport services more efficient, but also more accessible to a wider audience.

The thirtieth anniversary of Censys BV goes beyond a milestone in the history of the company; it reflects the continued evolution of the transport sector as a whole. With a keen eye for the future, Censys BV focuses specifically on the development of Central Taxi Database (CDT) software for mobile devices, which will replace the outdated on-board computer taxi systems. This ambitious project will revolutionize the way transport services are managed, controlled and coordinated.

The Eindhoven family business sees the development of the new CDT as a crucial step in improving the efficiency, safety and user-friendliness of transport services for taxi drivers. This innovation promises not only to optimize the operational performance of taxis, but also to provide seamless integration with existing and future digital infrastructures.

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