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Like a real preacher, Frank Oostdam (ANVR) continues to proclaim that you can still pack your bags and travel within Europe. With an unsellable message that you can still travel carefree within Europe, Oostdam is trying to save the travel sector. The criteria for the red travel advice are the same as for the yellow one, so that doesn't matter to Oostdam. Despite exploding contamination figures, the sector wants nothing more than to encourage consumers to travel. You should of course prepare yourself well before you go on holiday. “And as a consumer, do not demand money, because then the company will go bankrupt and it will be of no use to youOostdam said in the media earlier this week.

France is a problem

When you are one family France can be a problem as a holiday destination with two teenagers. It's a real hassle and a hindrance. According to figurehead of the General Dutch Association of Travel Companies (ANVR) Frank Oostdam (59) all those countries have agreed that people must be tested or vaccinated on holiday. According to Oostdam, a kind of panic is now being created that Europe will close like an oyster when the Netherlands turns red on the European map.

"Of course you can sit on terraces and those children don't necessarily have to go to a museum. As parents you can let the children stay at the campsite and go to the museum yourself."

dark red

It remains difficult to travel in corona time so you have to prepare yourself well. Groningen will be placed on dark red on Thursday, a number of other provinces will also be placed on red. The flattening that we seem to be seeing is partly due to backlogs in passing on to the GGD. The European RIVM, the EDCD, makes a map based on information from all member states. They provide their corona figures every week, after which the ECDC makes a corona map. Countries are then colored green, yellow, red or dark red. The ECDC card is not official travel advice, it only says something about the number of infections in a country. 

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"If you book now, you have to look very carefully at the policy conditions of your travel insurance, because every insurer deals with this differently."

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