Probably released everything a little too early in our country, no more corona measures, just keep 1,5 meters away from each other. Unfortunately, the corona infections are rising again in our country, and the measures are being tightened up again. Everyone holds their breath and hopes to be able to go on holiday this summer. The Delta variant, which according to various media is 3 times more contagious than the original virus, is popping up everywhere. In other countries, too, measures are being tightened up again to curb further spread. Anyone who thought they could go on holiday to France this summer in a brash way in August will be disappointed.

France has already announced that by August anyone who visits a restaurant, cinema, shopping center, museum, swimming pool or other public place must prove that he or she has been fully vaccinated, has tested negative or has recently recovered from a corona infection. This measure also applies to public transport. This measure would not apply to 12 to 17-year-olds until the end of August. The negative PCR test can be up to 48 hours old and a positive test result can be at least 2 weeks old and up to 6 months old. So holidaymakers who are not vaccinated have to have themselves tested to get in somewhere, this can become an expensive joke. In France, a PCR test costs about 44 euros. There will probably be considerable traffic jams at the borders with France, because there will be strict checks, especially on travelers from risk countries.

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