The ANVR is very pleased with the extension of the SGR guarantee for travel vouchers. The ANVR has taken note of the expansion of the SGR scheme that offers ANVR travel companies the opportunity to issue a travel voucher with SGR coverage in the event of cancellations due to Covid19. Due to SGR's decision this week, all travel vouchers issued by SGR participants throughout 2020 due to cancellations due to the corona pandemic are covered by SGR's guarantee. The moment of booking a trip no longer plays a role.

'In recent days, reports in the press have caused a lot of uncertainty and concern among travelers, travel organizations and ACM about which travel vouchers issued were and which were not covered by the guarantee scheme. That is why ANVR has today sent a letter to SGR a request to also include bookings made after 16 March 2020 under the scheme. ANVR is pleased with the decision of SGR that has responded to our request, says Frank Oostdam, chairman of the ANVR. In a broad sense, the resulting lack of clarity led to reduced confidence in the Travel Voucher with SGR coverage. That is unfortunate and was unnecessary in our opinion. It is also great that SGR has decided at the same time to extend the possibility of issuing the Travel Voucher by 4 months until 1 January 2021. That offers certainty and confidence for the coming period.

'Due to all the unrest recently, we have also noticed some reluctance among consumers when it comes to booking a new trip. Hopefully the certainty of reimbursement of the travel sum when accepting a travel voucher with SGR cover - in the unlikely event that a booked trip cannot take place - is the last push the customer needs to confidently book his package trip for the coming period at a ANVR-travel company, 'says Frank Oostdam.

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