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Many airlines worldwide are slowly starting up flights again. This after a long period of standing still due to the corona measures. This also applies to the Irish airline Ryanair. According to the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC), the Irish airline Ryanair does not comply with the corona rules on the plane to, from and within Italy. The Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) has therefore threatened to withdraw Ryanair's license to land in Italy.

The airport departments have determined that Ryanair is systematically failing to comply with the provisions planned in Italy to mitigate the health risk from the coronavirus on board aircraft departing and arriving at national airports. Not only is the distance between passengers requirement not met, but also the conditions for deviating from this distance ', said ENAC.

Civil aviation authority ENAC has accused Ryanair of repeatedly violating the Covid-19 health regulations currently in force and imposed by the Italian government to protect the health of passengers. It would concern, among other things, not keeping the correct distance between passengers. According to Italy, this could be solved by flying an airplane with 50 percent passenger capacity. Ryanair does not adhere to the 'Italian' rules then they are no longer allowed to land in Italy with their aircraft. Ryanair says in one Italian newspaper that they are fully compliant with the measures set out by the Italian government and that their customers can be confident that they are doing everything they can to reduce interaction in both their planes and airports to protect the health of their passengers.

A very serious offense, intolerable and unheard of, is endangered to the health of passengers by disregarding the anti-Covid protocols. Well, if the warning from ENAC has no immediate effects, the transport activity will immediately stop, with passengers being diverted on flights of other carriers', said Massimiliano Dona, chairman of the National Union of Consumers.

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