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From 1 July, the timetable at the NS will again be as it was before the corona crisis and all seats may be used again. They still ask to avoid the crowds during rush hours and to travel outside rush hours as much as possible. Face masks remain mandatory. Despite this progress, NS today posted a news item on their website that financial measures should be taken. They have suffered greatly from the corona crisis. 

Due to the consequences of the corona crisis, the NS expects to miss out on around 4,7 billion euros in the next five years. Passenger numbers have declined enormously due to corona conditions. The NS expects that many people will continue to work at home for the time being. They believe that passenger numbers will not return to the level of 2024 until after 2019.The NS must take financial measures to become financially healthy again.

They expect to save around € 2025 billion by 1,4. Therefore, there will be around 2025 employee jobs at risk by 2300. This concerns functions within all branches of the company. Employees with a permanent contract are allowed to stay, but they will receive retraining where necessary. In the period from 2020 to 2025, approximately 2500 NS employees will retire. They want to reduce, they believe this is necessary in order to keep train tickets affordable in the future and to continue to make necessary investments in the future. 

The board of directors must also contribute to this and will hand in 10 percent of their fixed salary. The Supervisory Board submits 10 percent of their remuneration. This 10 percent ruling will apply from today until December 2021. The NS no variable remuneration to senior management. From 1 July, the NS expects to welcome more passengers on the trains again.

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