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ProRail acknowledges poor performance and is working on improvement.

After the presentation of the recent annual figures, which revealed a number of shortcomings, ProRail has announced that it is working hard on the reliability of the Dutch railway network. The figures revealed significant disruptions and delays, putting pressure on agreements with the government on the performance of the rail network. Yet there is a bright spot: the months of March and April show a cautious improvement.

In response to the persistent problems, the House of Representatives, urged by consumer organization Rover, has decided to place ProRail, together with NS, under increased supervision. This decision followed a motion by MP Olger van Dijk (NSC), which received broad support from almost all parties. The motion calls for an in-depth investigation into the causes of the problems and demands that ProRail and NS come up with an initial improvement plan before the summer.

These developments come after a call from Freek Bos, director of Rover, during a hearing in the House of Representatives. Bos emphasized the increasing frequency of disruptions, which reduces the reliability of train services and puts the government-NS agreements at risk. “Stricter supervision is a necessary step to improve reliability and thus increase service to travelers,” says Bos.

One of the most problematic parts is the high-speed line (HSL), where only 64,6% of travelers in March reached their destination with less than five minutes of delay. In response to this, Rover has called for the HSL surcharge to be temporarily scrapped.

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"The increased supervision is a necessary step to improve reliability and thus increase service to travelers."

To improve performance, ProRail has announced various measures, including the lifting of temporary speed restrictions and the introduction of technologies such as speed cameras at level crossings and a 'smart monitoring room' that helps to reduce disruptions due to external influences.

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In addition, the railway manager has indicated that there will be considerable inconvenience due to planned work on the track this year. ProRail emphasizes the importance of cooperation with carriers and Rover to minimize this inconvenience. Rover, in turn, has emphasized the importance of early communication to travelers so they can adjust their travel plans. The organization also suggests creative solutions such as rewarding travelers who avoid rush hour, a strategy supported by a poll among members of the Rover traveler panel, which shows that a significant portion of travelers are willing to postpone their trip in exchange for a reward.

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