Taxi operators on Monday submitted a petition to State Secretary Keijzer of Economic Affairs and Climate to claim the Entrepreneurs Affected Sectors Allowance (TOGS). As spokespersons, Hedy Borremans (TCA) and Marcel Chandrikapersad (UTC) knocked on the door of the government via State Secretary Mona Keijzer (CDA) attention to ask for the worrying financial position they are in by COVID-19.

The taxi companies, platforms and the trade association have joined forces to support the drivers. Earlier they jointly sent a letter to the Secretary of State to sound the alarm. To date, unfortunately, this has not been followed and the taxi operators are not eligible for the 4.000 euros financial support.

Thousands of taxi companies are losing sales due to tourists staying away and the government's call to travel as little as possible, the industry organization said. Bankruptcy is lurking at a number of companies.

anyway to the Malieveld

Despite an earlier ban on demonstrating issued by acting mayor Remkes from The Hague last week, this week to the Malieveld. Perhaps this will receive minimal understanding from society and remain in the lee of the media. Bystanders indicated that it is now inappropriate to demonstrate during this corona crisis. 

With KNV board member Marcel Chandrikapersad in the lead as spokesman, dozens of taxi drivers from several major cities in the Netherlands demonstrated at Malieveld in The Hague last Monday. The drivers, unlike many other entrepreneurs, are only entitled to assistance and not to other support schemes from the government. But with assistance alone, they do not make it. 

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Due to the corona virus, they were only allowed to stand on the Malieveld with thirty men. During the protest, one minute of silence was also held for them to the virus passed away colleague Molkenboer. 

Hardly any company has escaped the economic consequences of the corona crisis. In the meantime, more than 35.000 entrepreneurs applied for the NOW scheme at the counters of the UWV in one day

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Photo KNV
Consumer taxi entrepreneurs presented the petition to the State Secretary on Monday 6 April - Photo KNV
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