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The past few weeks have been FNV Taxi, VNO-NCW and the trade association KNV to make every effort via social media, radio and TV to send a signal to politicians that taxi drivers cannot understand why the profession is not eligible for an allowance of 4.000 euros. A letter will now be sent to the State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate.

strong criticism of Uber in this difficult period

On the list of signatories of the letter, prominent names of companies that mediate between travelers and providers such as Maurits Schönfeld from Uber and Yariv Hauer of ViaVan. A striking amount of criticism of Uber's presence, both in public opinion and in many taxi companies. Most exchanges and TTOs no longer charge any fees at this time, but Uber has not done much about it support measures for the taxi drivers. It is wrong for many that Uber now wants to take a social position in The Hague.

entrepreneurs help each other in battle

We called the Amsterdam entrepreneur Mohammed Tanouti and it became abundantly clear to us that most cars are stationary. Tanouti is one of the entrepreneurs who are the common brief has signed and wants to help his drivers. 

"The collection of the contribution from the TTO is no longer an issue, the taxi software supplier has been lenient and the on-board computer subscriptions can be temporarily suspended," said Mohammed Tanouti.

It doesn't bring in revenue for the taxi drivers but it does help a little bit in the cost. Because there has been no question of turnover in recent weeks, let alone profit. All is included in the fixed costs.

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State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate

Recently, the State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy a crowded agenda in the reply of many parliamentary questions and letters. Mona Keijzer has received dozens of requests in recent days.

Among others from VVV Nederland, which has joined forces with other sector and umbrella organizations in Gastvrij Nederland and a brief has sent. In this letter, Gastvrij Nederland urgently calls on the cabinet to expand the package of liquidity-providing measures and make it applicable for entrepreneurs from the broad hospitality, leisure and tourism sector.

Tourist Enterprising Zeeland, the umbrella organization of tourist industry organizations in Zeeland, has one by letter cry for help sent to State Secretary Mona Keijzer of Economic Affairs and Climate.

Also positive letters such as those from HISWA-RECRON that the initiative has taken to establish a Tourist Corona Guarantee Fund and to issue vouchers. If a company goes bankrupt during the term, the consumer is compensated from the guarantee fund.

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Statue Mona Keijzer: Martijn Beekman