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Today the House of Representatives debated the corona policy with the cabinet. Concerns about the package of measures for entrepreneurs such as taxi drivers. Robert Jett, Group chairman of the House of Representatives of D66, has noted that a decision may have been made too quickly in the past week. To adjust the list of sectors or SBI codes used for the economic aid package has not yet been pledged to Farid Azarkan.

Farid Azarkan (DENK) asked the Minister why taxi drivers cannot count on government support. Despite the government taking additional support measures this weekend to help entrepreneurs, the claims that the taxi and coach companies can make on 4.000 euros remain unchanged. The cabinet recently announced the first regulations for entrepreneurs affected by the corona crisis. Strong criticism of it VNO-NCW and the trade association KNV. Support from D66 would be welcome here.

Criticism from the Forum for Democracy has not been harsh in recent weeks, but party leader Baudet is now clearly behind the cabinet. "Now is no time for one-sided dram". Thierry Baudet, leader of the Forum for Democracy (FVD), wants more testing to be carried out.

answers by Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Traveling in the Netherlands continues to be advised against. The security regions go even further in closing provisions than the requirements of the cabinet. The communication about the beautiful weekend that is coming is a concern. Special attention is drawn to staying at home. Via influencers, the cabinet has a reach of 3.8 million followers who are used to reach young people.

“We have an intelligent 'lock-down' in the Netherlands, so we rely a bit on the common sense of the Netherlands - just go to the store and do not make a trip out of it - the churches remain closed and faith communities really do it sensibly - we organize it as a society together ”, says Rutte.

Praise for the press conference last Tuesday, especially the clarity was much better than previous editions. PVV leader Geert Wilders immediately went on the attack to party chairman Klaas Dijkhoff to rub in the cabinet that in recent years enormous cuts have been made in health care. He does not want to blame the cabinet for the corona crisis, but he does pay attention to 1.9 billion that was cut in healthcare.

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The strength of the message yesterday was a clear one after April 6. We will continue smartly until April 28.

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Farid Azarkan
Geert Wilders