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Are several airlines worldwide going to fall over because of the corona crisis? These different companies are likely to suffer a major blow. Turnover is falling sharply in the 2nd quarter and many costs still have to be paid, according to the international trade association (IATA). 

The organization (IATA) therefore thinks that many airlines will fall over. The corona crisis can hit societies twice as hard as predicted so far. They may miss out on up to 232 billion euros in passenger transport income, the international trade association (IATA) announced on Tuesday.

Airlines cannot avoid certain costs, notes IATA boss Alexandre de Juniac. For example, it is expected that EUR 31,96 billion in tickets already sold will have to be repaid. The international trade association (IATA) wants customers to receive vouchers.

 "We understand that this is inconvenient for customers, but for us it is a matter of survival," said IATA boss Alexandre de Juniac.

The only bright spot is that many governments are working on aid packages for the aviation sector. If the new forecast were to materialize, airline passenger revenues would be 44 percent lower this year than in 2019. In Europe, the loss of revenue is estimated at $ 76 billion. Asia is estimated to face an estimated decline of $ 88 billion. North America with $ 50 billion in lost revenue. Thus IATA.

"These are numbers we have never seen in our industry," said IATA.

According to the organization (IATA), an average airline had enough cash at the beginning of this year to sing it out for two months. So if government help does not come quickly, airlines worldwide will fall over, according to the organization. According to news reports, IATA represents 290 airlines, which together account for 82 percent of global traffic.

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