Almost half a million German companies are requesting a short-time working from the government because of the problems caused by the corona virus. With the scheme, the government tries to guide entrepreneurs through the current corona crisis. This was reported by the Federal Labor Office of Germany. 

Short-time working is a form of government support, with which employers use their staff for a shorter period of time, but in which the staff remain on the payroll. Within various industries in Germany, such as the car sector, the working hours have been called upon more often, according to the news reports. According to various media reports, BMW is such a company that falls under, half a million German companies ask for a reduction in working hours.

BMW has applied for working time reduction for nearly 20 thousand employees in Germany. The factories of the group will be shut down until April 19. The application applies to employees of the factories in Dingolfing, Munich, Regensburg and Leipzig. This reports Automobilewoche.

Daimler has applied for a reduction in working hours for the period from 6 to 17 April. The measure affects the German employees of the passenger car and commercial vehicle factories. Automobilewoche reports this. Earlier this week, CEO Ola Källenius indicated that Daimler could manage without state aid, and the management and the general works council have approved the application. In February, CEO Källenius announced that Daimler will cut 5.000 jobs. 

"With the reduction of working hours, we give our employees security in the crisis," said Deputy Chairman Ergun Lümali of the Daimler Works Council.

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