Due to the increasing number of sick reports among public transport employees, NS and ProRail are taking measures to continue to offer travelers a predictable and reliable timetable in the coming weeks. From Saturday, NS will run a special basic timetable throughout the Netherlands. 

This means that a train runs twice an hour in all directions at all stations where NS runs, with the exception of stations where a train now only runs once an hour. These trains stop at all intermediate stations, with which (with a few exceptions) there are no longer intercity connections. There are also fewer international train services. NS will announce the details of this timetable further tonight. From tomorrow, NS will take steps towards the implementation of the basic timetable.

The special basic timetable has been drawn up in consultation with the public transport sector. There has of course been coordination with ProRail, but also specifically with the regional carriers that offer train services (such as Keolis and Arriva). The basic timetable ensures that passengers who depend on the train can continue to count on a predictable and reliable train service in the coming weeks.

Due to the further adjustment of the timetable, NS does not meet all requirements with regard to the minimum service level of stations, as set out in the transport concession for the main rail network. The Minister deals with this pragmatically. At all times, travelers should know where they stand. All carriers must therefore continue to make every effort to carry out their (adapted) timetable and to inform passengers accordingly.

In writing to the President of the House of Representatives about the intention to adjust the timetable, Minister C. van Nieuwenhuizen Wijbenga expressed his appreciation for the efforts of all employees of all public transport companies and rail freight companies.

“It is precisely in these times that it is important to put our shoulders to the wheel so that reliable public transport remains available, especially for people who work in vital processes,” says the Minister of Nieuwenhuizen Wijbenga - Infrastructure and Water Management.

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