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Following previous measures taken in the context of combating the further spread of the Corona virus in the Netherlands, the management CBR today took the decision to take extra measures for administering exams. This is stated in a letter from Pechtold, general director of CBR, and Huizing, director of operations, to the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management.

As of Monday March 16, 2020 all practical and theory exams will be canceled for a period up to at least March 31, 2020. The activities of the Driving Fitness and Customer Service divisions as well as the office functions of the other divisions and staff departments will continue as far as possible. Where possible from home. 

In view of the limited available bandwidth for working from home, driving fitness has been identified as the highest priority. The decision was contacted by the task force Corona CBR, the CBR Supervisory Board, the CBR Works Council and your ministry.

The Central Bureau for Driving Certificates (CBR) is an independent public authority (ZBO). The CBR is charged by the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment with a road safety task: assessing the driving ability and medical fitness of drivers and the professional competence of transport and logistics professionals.

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