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A taxi driver who has run into problems as a self-employed person can expect an income from the government up to the social minimum. The scheme for self-employed persons will provisionally apply for three months. The money does not have to be repaid and the ability and partner tests that normally apply are canceled.

“Don't walk to your municipality tomorrow. Time is needed to properly set up this arrangement. We are working very hard on this, we will keep you informed. ”, Says Wouter Koolmees - Minister of Social Affairs and Employment.

Other self-employed persons who are left without assignments due to the crisis also receive financial aid from the government.

"They are the front line on the labor market in case of severe weather," said Minister Koolmees of Social Affairs and Employment. "We don't want to and won't leave them out in the cold."

measures to keep the cash flow in ordern

At a press conference, Finance Minister Hoekstra said that the measures In the next three months alone will cost 10 to 20 billion euros. An important measure in a substantial package to accommodate companies in difficulty is that no tax must be paid in the next three months.

In this way, the cash flow may be in order to bridge this difficult period. Affected entrepreneurs can apply for a postponement of tax without immediately sending evidence, and the collection will then stop immediately. Minister Hoekstra warned that all measures will still go 'squeak and creak ' because everyone is aware that many companies are going to have problems despite government support.

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shortening working hours

Normally, only a few hundred companies use the option to apply for temporary unemployment benefits for employees who are out of work each year. Almost 78.000 companies have already done so in recent days, as a result of the crisis

The possibilities for employers to apply for short-time working hours for their staff are being expanded considerably and benefits are increasing. Until now, the government will take over a maximum of 75 percent of the salary, under the new scheme that will be a maximum of 90 percent. Not every company can apply for part-time unemployment benefits. The condition is that turnover has decreased by at least 20 percent.

emergency counter with 4000 euros per company

There will be an emergency counter, where the most severely affected companies can immediately receive 4000 euros to empty the greatest emergency. This applies to all sectors, such as the catering industry, but also the travel sector and the cultural sector.

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