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The incident, which occurred during the return from a study trip from England, took place on the A44 in the direction of Kassel.

A tragic night on the A44 near Werl in North Rhine-Westphalia has shocked the country again after a double-decker bus carrying around 60 students from a Berufskolleg in Warburg, on the way back from an excursion to England, left the road and landed next to the motorway on a green strip. ended up. The incident, which took place late Thursday evening, resulted in more than 20 injuries, two of them seriously, being taken to hospitals by helicopter.

De SET bus, coming from Diersen Reisen from Essen, died in an accident just a hundred kilometers from their home base in Warburg. Despite the severity of the accident, police reported that no one was in danger, a small consolation amid the chaos. The driver of the bus emerged unscathed from the accident. There are plenty of questions about the cause of the accident, which had not yet been determined at the time of reporting. Police said no other vehicle was involved in the crash.

The response to the accident scene was massive, with dozens of ambulances and an emergency operation that stretched into the early hours of Friday. The A44 was closed between Unna-Oost and Werl, causing significant traffic congestion. A special fire brigade crane was used to remove the bus from the ditch and put it back upright, an operation that was completed around 3am.

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The closure of the A44 for several hours undoubtedly caused traffic disruptions, but the priority was saving lives and securing the accident site.

This accident comes just a day after another devastating bus accident Leipzig, where a bus carrying 54 passengers on its way from Berlin to Zurich veered off the track and overturned, resulting in four deaths and more than 20 injuries. The dead included a 47-year-old Polish woman, a 20-year-old Indonesian woman living in Berlin, and a 19-year-old woman from Bavaria. The identity of a fourth victim had not been confirmed at the time of reporting.

The frequency and severity of these accidents raise questions about safety on European highways and the specific risks associated with group travel. Despite high safety standards and strict regulations in Germany and other European countries, tragic accidents such as these remain a grim reminder of the potential dangers of road traffic.

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