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Collision on level crossing between train and carnival float.

An accident disrupted the revelry in Berghem late on Sunday evening, where a collision between a train and a carnival float completely paralyzed train traffic between Oss and Wijchen. The sprinter, which was carrying a hundred passengers at the time, collided with the festively decorated car at a secured level crossing, causing significant material and human damage.

De impact of the accident was immediately noticeable. A train driver was injured and immediately taken to hospital, an event confirmed by local police. ProRail, responsible for the maintenance of the Dutch railway network, has expressed its condolences and wished the driver a speedy recovery. The passengers, although unharmed, faced an abrupt end to their journey; they were evacuated from the train by ProRail incident responders and escorted safely.

The aftermath of the accident shows how complex the situation is. The level crossing installation, essential for the safe passage of both road and rail traffic, suffered heavy damage. The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) and the Dutch Safety Board (OVV) immediately launched an investigation to determine the circumstances and responsibility. Until this investigation is completed, the debris from the carnival float and the damaged Sprinter cannot be recovered, which is delaying recovery work.

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The consequences for train traffic are significant. The NS has placed a provisional forecast for recovery in the journey planner on Monday afternoon at 12 noon, an indication of the expected duration of the disruption. However, the exact timeframe for the repair work remains uncertain until the rail contractor has a detailed overview of the damage.


This week, train travelers between Roermond and Weert will have to prepare for an alternative route. ProRail, the manager of the Dutch railway network, has announced that no trains will run on this route from Thursday February 15 to Sunday February 18. This interruption is necessary due to extensive work on the track, including the renewal of part of the track itself, the replacement of sleepers, and maintenance of the inspection path. A significant part of this work concerns the replacement of nine level crossings at various locations between Weert and Roermond.

Photo: ProRail

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