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Some accepted their punishment, others made it even worse.

During a large-scale police operation, the police arrested thirteen men suspected of having transported carnival goers for payment as 'black taxi drivers'. These illegal taxi services, often referred to as 'mustaches', are an increasing problem in urban areas, especially during major events such as carnival, where demand for transport peaks.

The police, who were specifically looking for such illegal practices, have arrested the suspects, according to the letter Eindhoven Daily taken to the police station for questioning. The arrested men can expect a fine of up to 4400 euros. This measure is supported by a 'penalty penalty' from the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate, which imposes an additional financial penalty of 10.000 euros on offenders if they violate again. These penalty payments are a response to growing concerns about the safety and regulation of passenger transport.

One of the suspects showed how persistent some providers of illegal transport can be. After his release, he immediately returned to the center to offer his services again, which resulted in a second arrest and an additional fine. However, the rapid succession of his offenses made it impossible to immediately apply the penalty, a procedural issue that the police emphasized.

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Photo: © Pitane Blue - Taxi stand at Eindhoven Central station.

In addition to the specific fines for unauthorized provision of taxi services, the men were also fined for various other traffic violations. These include holding a cell phone while driving, not wearing a seat belt, making too much noise, and driving under the influence. The latter violation had serious consequences for one of the drivers, who had to surrender his driver's license.

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With the rise of app-based ride-sharing services and the continued demand for affordable transportation, gray areas are emerging that some are exploiting to offer services outside of official regulations.

This audit not only highlights the need for stricter enforcement and potentially stricter legislation, but also the importance of raising awareness among consumers about the risks of using unregulated transport services. Safety, insurance and reliability remain key concerns when choosing transport, especially during busy events where demand exceeds supply

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