Hyundai's smart taxi analyzes driver behavior to investigate errors and the circumstances that lead to them.

The introduction of the Hyundai Sonata Smart Taxi in Abu Dhabi is a step forward in realizing the ambition of Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council. His vision to develop Abu Dhabi into a leading hub for smart and autonomous vehicle industries becomes tangible.

AI cameras

This taxi is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence and streaming services that contribute to safer and smoother operation and an enriched customer experience. The AI ​​cameras installed inside the vehicle monitor various aspects, including the driver's alertness and reaction speed, and other safety indicators to protect the occupants. In addition, the AI ​​system records each passenger's journey. When a customer leaves personal belongings in the taxi, the AI ​​cameras immediately detect them and alert the parties involved. This contributes to the safety and comfort of passengers and offers them a reassuring experience.

Suliman Al-Zaben, President of Hyundai, commented: “Hyundai is honored to be the exclusive automotive partner of the Abu Dhabi Smart City Summit and is proud to present the Sonata Smart Taxi, a testament to our commitment to innovating within mobility solutions. With cutting-edge AI technology, improvements in safety and a strong focus on customer experience, we aim to take transportation in the UAE to the next level. This collaboration shows how public and private sectors can work together to shape a sustainable and future-oriented environment.”

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Photo: Suliman Al Zaben, Director of Hyundai Al Zaben

Hyundai's smart taxi analyzes driver behavior to investigate errors and the conditions that lead to them, and proactively take measures to reduce the rate of accidents and dangerous practices. The technical equipment in the vehicle allows it to collect real-time data for external monitoring in order to take appropriate measures as quickly as possible.

lost and found

The control and tracking panel in the taxi is designed to oversee the drivers' work, monitor efficiency indicators and prevent misuse of the vehicle. The panel features clear and varied visual elements, suitable for display on single and multiple specialized displays. It provides a comprehensive interactive view of data and insights for fast decision-making, with a user-friendly design and simple graphs to support relevant employees in their tasks.

The taxi's added 'lost and found' system, which can identify lost items, send photos and data to the control center and alert the driver before the passenger disembarks, marks an innovative step in customer service and operational efficiency.

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