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A more than five-hour flight 1263 due to storm Ciarán from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport to Eindhoven Airport ends after much wandering for the passengers in Brussels.

The journey from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport to the Netherlands was a true odyssey for the passengers on board Pegasus Airlines flight PC1263, partly due to storm Ciarán. The aircraft, which was caught in the grip of the storm, had to improvise and fly extra rounds over Brabant, perhaps in an attempt to avoid the storm.

After a delay of more than thirty minutes, it became clear that a landing in the Netherlands was no longer possible. The plane was diverted to Cologne, a decision that itself posed challenges. Ultimately, the crew was instructed to fly to Brussels, hoping to find safer conditions there.

However, the situation at Brussels Airport was far from ideal. With only one active runway, due to the heavy storm and associated measures, passengers and the aircraft were further delayed. The already tense situation was tested even further.

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FlightAware - Pegasus Airlines 1263

This incident involving flight PC1263 highlights the vulnerability of the aviation sector to extreme weather conditions. It demonstrates the importance of flexibility, resilience and quick decision-making by airline staff, all in the interests of passenger safety. At the same time, it highlights the need for investment in infrastructure and training to ensure the sector is better prepared for the challenges posed by extreme weather.

Eindhoven Airport

Although the stormy weather conditions took their toll in various parts of the Netherlands, operations at Eindhoven Airport remained largely unaffected. Flights to both Fes and Tenerife departed as scheduled around noon, to the relief of passengers and airport staff. This proves that airports, despite their vulnerability to weather influences, can sometimes be surprisingly resilient. Ryanair flights from Milan and Wizz-air flights from Katowice also managed to land on time, despite the potential disruptions caused by the storm. In the afternoon, flight FR 3092 from Lisbon to Eindhoven Airport to Berlin Brandenburg was also diverted.

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