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A European recognition for Helmond's active efforts in the field of smart mobility.

The Dutch city of Helmond, a member of the POLICEnetwork, has distinguished itself in the world of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) and was recently awarded the Urban C-ITS 2023 Award. The recognition took place during a two-day event in Porto, Portugal, where experts and policymakers from different cities gathered to discuss the current state of play and future possibilities of C-ITS.

The technology behind C-ITS enables vehicles and traffic infrastructure to communicate smartly, with the aim of making urban mobility more efficient and safer. The C-ITS City Forum and its competition were organized by C-Roads, an urban platform committed to the implementation of these advanced transport systems. During the event in Porto, not only policy issues and services surrounding C-ITS were discussed, but also the impact on traffic management and the way users experience the new technology.

At the heart of the event was the presentation of the C-ITS Award, which is awarded to a city that excels in effectiveness and versatility in the application of C-ITS. Helmond received this year's award with the focus on 'Forerunner in ensuring accessibility of jobs and services for all', as evidence of their ongoing efforts to transform their local mobility.

It is not the first time that Helmond has manifested itself in the field of intelligent transport systems. The city has been intensively involved in European initiatives that promote C-ITS for more than 15 years. This commitment has led to the implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions. For example, the city has installed smart traffic lights that improve traffic flow and safety, which benefits the local population every day.

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A proud councilor Arno Bonte of Helmond points out the versatile communication options of these smart traffic lights. “They can not only communicate with emergency vehicles to give them the green light at intersections, but also send notifications to apps and navigation systems of other road users. This allows them to move more efficiently.”

Helmond's success is not only due to their own efforts, but also to their collaboration with partners such as SmartwayZ.NL and the C-Roads platform. This synergy has contributed to the implementation of smart traffic lights that not only improve traffic management, but also offer C-ITS services.

Photo: Helmond's weblog

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