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Street inspections and digital surveillance guarantee the quality and reliability of Dutch taxi transport.

The inspection organization TÜV strictly enforces the lawful use of the TX-Keur logo, the national quality mark for the taxi industry. This organization not only carries out street checks, but also visits entrepreneurs unannounced to check compliance with the logo. In addition, digital supervision is also carried out; the illegal use of the TX logo and the TX sticker on websites, emails and apps is closely monitored.

Abuse of the TX-Keur logo is not taken lightly. Companies that are guilty of this will be held accountable immediately. If there is no response or if a company repeatedly commits abuse, legal action will be taken without hesitation. This action can result in hefty fines and the public naming and shaming of the offender.

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The TX quality mark, which Taxi Unieck from Jubbega now proudly carries, is not just a logo that companies can stick on their vehicles.

TX-Keur, founded in 2004 by the Royal Dutch Transport (KNV), functions as the independent taxi quality mark for the Netherlands and is a guarantee for reliable and safe taxi transport, controlled quality, skilled drivers and objectivity. The criteria that TX-Keur carriers must meet are determined by a Central Board of Experts (CCvD). This council has representatives of both travelers and customers, whereby the interests of travelers, clients and taxi entrepreneurs are carefully weighed.

Taxi companies that want to obtain or maintain the TX-Keur certification are encouraged to check their communication tools for accuracy and to schedule timely inspections at a selected inspection body. The TX-Keur quality label is only awarded when the requirements are fully met. On the other hand, the label can be withdrawn if a taxi operator no longer meets the requirements.

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In national database interested parties can check which taxi companies are affiliated with TX-Keur. The quality mark remains essential in a market where customer expectations – ranging from individual travelers to governments and companies – are constantly rising.

What does the TÜV do?
TÜV Netherlands has specialized in providing independent assessments such as certification, testing, inspection and training. Since 1981, TÜV Netherlands has promoted, among other things, the safety, quality, reliability and living environment of organizations, government and society

Photo: TX quality mark

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