The electric ambulance lift also has a broader social impact for an important group of people.

This month, Axxicom Airport Caddy is taking an innovative step forward in sustainable airport transport by testing the E-SideBull, a fully electric ambulift, at Schiphol. The company is the first major player in passenger guidance to consider purchasing this electric vehicle.

The E-SideBull acts as an electric high-loader that helps passengers with disabilities to board aircraft that are not directly docked at the terminal. The vehicle lifts passengers from ground level to the aircraft in just 25 seconds. Powered by Bulmor, this electric high loader offers space for a driver, a co-driver and eight passengers in the cabin.

contribution to sustainability

This trial contributes to Axxicom's broader efforts to make their fleet more sustainable. The E-SideBull is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. The vehicle would emit 400.000 kg less CO2 over its lifetime than traditional motorized vehicles. In addition, the maintenance costs of the sustainable electric motor are considerably lower.

“This is a huge milestone for us, especially because we attach great importance to sustainability. The E-SideBull is very promising and we look forward to incorporating the vehicle into our operation as soon as possible,” said Vincent Kas, Managing Director of Axxicom Airport Caddy.

steps taken previously

Earlier this year, Axxicom purchased ten electric Volkswagen E-Crafters and worked with Schiphol to test self-driving wheelchairs for passenger guidance. The expected addition of Bulmor vehicles will further contribute to the sustainability of passenger assistance at the airport and the future of aviation in general.

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After a month-long pilot, Axxicom will decide whether to permanently include the E-SideBull in their service offering, once again taking on a pioneering role in the airport industry.

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AXXICOM Airport Caddy tests fully electric AMBULIFT for boarding passengers on planes.

Testing the E-SideBull is just the latest chapter in Axxicom's pursuit of a fully electric fleet. The collaboration with Schiphol and the consideration of the purchase of this innovative vehicle confirm the company as a serious player in the transition to more sustainable airport operations.

“Our goal is to realize a fully electric fleet, and this pilot brings us one step closer to that goal,” adds Vincent Kas. “We are optimistic that the positive results of this test will be a catalyst for further sustainable initiatives, not only for us but also for the airport and the wider aviation industry.”

social impact

The electric ambulance lift also has a broader social impact. It not only reduces CO2 emissions but also improves the overall experience for passengers with disabilities. This makes flying more accessible and comfortable for an important group of people.

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