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The technical change concerns the security certificates that are essential for the correct and reliable registration of driving and rest times.

Due to a technical change, commissioned by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT), Kiwa Register will temporarily put applications for renewal of driver cards with an expiration date after 11 November 2023 on hold. This decision was made to correctly display the five-year validity of the driver's license on the map.

The driver cards, issued by Kiwa Register on behalf of the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, are essential for the Onboard Computer Taxi (BCT). They not only show personal details of the driver, such as name and photo, but also the period of validity.

The BCT registers driving and rest times using PKIoverheid security certificates, the maximum validity of which runs until 11 November 2028. While looking at a replacement system, it has been decided that cards issued after November 11, 2023 will only be valid until November 11, 2028.

The ILT has proposed to adjust the expiry date of the card and to separate it from the PKI certificate, with the emphasis on the five-year validity of the driver's authorisation. While the technical feasibility of this change is still being investigated, applications expiring after November 11, 2023 will be put on hold for the time being. This also applies to drivers with an apprenticeship card (LWT) that expires after this date.

The goal is to get these cards with a changed end date in the second half of October to issue. If this is not possible, they will still be issued, approximately one month before their expiration date, with an expiration date of November 11, 2028. However, the actual five-year entitlement remains unchanged and is clearly stated in the accompanying documentation.

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