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The influx of tens of thousands of Formula 1 fans to Zandvoort is not only an impressive sight, but it also entails immense logistical challenges

This year, Zandvoort will be transformed into the bustling heart of the Dutch Grand Prix for the third time in a row. While motorsport fans eagerly await the race, ProRail is working hard behind the scenes to ensure that this grandiose sporting event runs smoothly.

In collaboration with the Dutch Railways (NS), ProRail will deploy a special timetable between Amsterdam and Zandvoort aan Zee during the race weekend from 25 to 27 August. The result? An impressive twelve trains per hour, with a train every five minutes capable of carrying around a thousand avid racing fans. Thanks to these efforts, nearly 40.000 fans can travel to the circuit every day without any problems. And of course they will be safely transported back home after the race.

However, the implementation of this unique timetable in the Netherlands requires more than just a higher frequency of trains. This involves intensive cooperation with NS and other carriers. During the weekend, for example, freight trains are diverted via alternative routes to ensure that passenger transport to Zandvoort runs smoothly.

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All level crossings between Amsterdam Central and Zandvoort aan Zee will be closed to road traffic during the Grand Prix. There are so many trains running at that time that it is too unsafe to cross. Agreements have been made about this with the organization and the various municipalities.

PRORAIL has placed special breakdown crews at strategic locations along the track in case incidents or breakdowns occur. With such a big event coming up, it is crucial to be prepared for anything. ProRail's IT department also plays an essential role, because without their expertise the trains would not run.

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And although everyone at ProRail hopes for a flawless weekend, their incident responders are ready in case complications arise on the track. Their priority? Ensuring that every traveler, even those who might get stuck in a train, can continue on their way as quickly as possible. After all these preparations, one thing is certain: thanks to ProRail and NS, no fan will have to miss the race.

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