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At Via, the approach is all about maximizing cost-effectiveness while serving as many travelers as possible.

A striking collaboration has been announced by Via and Uber in their partnership. With the goal of helping agencies cost-effectively serve more travelers, the alliance aims to enable Via customers to supplement their paratransit and microtransit services by having rides delivered by drivers on the Uber platform. This innovative partnership highlights the commitment of both companies to support cities and agencies in leveraging advanced technologies to optimize public transportation.

We went deeper into the plan to gain more insight into this collaboration and its possible impact on the transport landscape. The partnership between Via and Uber offers several important benefits to both parties. First, agencies can build more robust networks and serve a greater number of travelers by leveraging Uber's extensive pool of drivers. This extensive resource enables agencies to effectively meet the growing demand for transportation services.

In summary, the partnership between Via and Uber offers an opportunity for parties involved to optimize their services, serve more passengers and operate more cost-effectively.

In addition, the integration of Uber into the Via platform improves fleet efficiency and reduces cost per ride. Using Via's advanced technology, each trip can be automatically assigned to the correct vehicle, eliminating the need to use oversized vehicles for individual passengers. This optimization significantly improves resource allocation and ensures cost-effectiveness.

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In addition, the work processes enabled by the collaboration ensure efficient coordination between agencies and non-dedicated service providers, resulting in significant time savings. Manual allocation is a thing of the past, allowing agencies to focus on providing efficient and reliable transportation services. 


At Via, the approach is all about maximizing cost-effectiveness while serving as many travelers as possible. Via achieves this by leveraging their partners' existing fleets and operator resources, along with service providers such as Uber. Using their specially developed routing and allocation algorithm, ViaAlgo, they optimize the operations of their partners' fleets and consistently deliver the lowest cost per ride compared to other providers.

With the integration of Uber, ViaAlgo will send intelligent trip selections to Uber to be performed by drivers on the Uber platform. This strategic allocation of resources ensures efficient service delivery and cost optimization.


The ultimate goal of the partnership is to improve the traveler experience while expanding transportation capacity. Travelers will continue to have the same familiar experience, including notifications and the ability to track vehicles. The Uber integration seamlessly integrates with the Via Operations Center, enabling agencies to send rides to Uber drivers without disrupting their existing work processes. It is an easy-to-use solution that improves the overall experience for passengers.

photo: Andy Ambrosius (Via)

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